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The word Mass, in this context, doesn’t refer only to a numerical quantity of people but to a qualitatively high number of Women and Men with shared elevated spiritual-ethical values, a number necessary whereby the long awaited epochal Change can begin.

I would have wanted to say CHRISTIC MASS because the term is particularly appropriate to the typology of individuals who must represent it, but I didn’t, out of concern that it may be confused with religions that have nothing to do with the characteristics of this high level of Spiritual Liberty.

How can we trigger the necessary change within our environment so that our lives can really change?

The fundamental premise for that to happen is to gain access to necessary information that we are lacking, because since our birth we have been indoctrinated with religious, political and scientific ideologies which are only partially true.

Let’s take a few steps together in the first module of the Way of the Self

We are born of earthly parents, but we come from several planetary and stellar regions. Each one of us brings with him/herself a life project depending on his or her evolution and level of Consciousness. You could dispute: who upholds this thesis? There is nothing scientific in this statement.
My answer is: is maybe the theory of Adam and Eve scientific? Like a pure researcher; remove the rigidity of prejudice, open to the feeling of the Heart, listen to how you are…. carry on reading with ease until the end without letting your mind interfere. In the end, you remain the sole conductor of your life.

You might discover within yourself as much interest as if you had always known deep down many of the things that you have read in these pages.

Otherwise you will feel like you have read pages from a fictional novel.

The harmony with the words you read is part of the law of resonance in the Hearts’ feeling.

So that life itself can become aware of its own project, the human heart must beat together with the Spiritual Heart of the Self, that illuminates the soul, body and mind.

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THE BEING that has decided to live an experience in a human material body, here on planet Earth, for an earthly law, at birth more or less completely loses the memories of his/her Star system of origin. This memory closes like a bud whilst the part of us that we call personality, and with which we mistakenly identify ourselves, develops through our upbringing, values, the ideologies within our family system that welcomes it and at the same time conditions it.

In fact, nearly always, the ideological values of the earthly family do not coincide with that of the SELF and therefore we, exactly us, unconsciously and continuously betray our own SELF with wrong choices or renunciation of the choice, thus creating an inner wound, more or less profound, that repeatedly brings us a lot of suffering.
For this reason, the first step towards radical change is that of healing the suffering, acknowledging having a sentient SELF that demands to be remembered, recognized, and loved out of respect of His/Her Laws.

The Healing of the soul always starts with a crisis that induces a metamorphosis towards a truer authenticity of ourselves. After having lifted the veil of a false truth, never again will we be as we were before, when we were unaware. Now, to pretend not to know is quite different from not knowing.

With the discovery of the Truth, healing Light, begins the metamorphosis from a caterpillar to a butterfly which will be harmonious if we honour the Truth of our emotions, it will be discordant if we get in the way by remaining faithful to a false truth.

bruco farfalla
In the caption: “I will fly”. Said the caterpillar. Everyone laughed. Except the butterflies.

From that moment on, the reasons that bring us to dishonour the Truth with astute self-deception and betrayal of the consciousness of SELF can be various but are always connected to fear, to attachments, to the illicit right of possession.
The liberation of SELF passes through these tests or initiations, if you will, in which Courage is achieved through the making of choices free from any conditioning.


When the moment of the awareness of the SELF arrives, conquered through the right choices, we experiment an infinite Wellbeing that self-regenerates and that can be shared only with those who have gone through the same process of metamorphosis.

“The Power of Love scares fear and makes us free”

Healing’s Morphogenetic Field

The healing Words of awareness in the first video


include the whole evolutionary process of which I mentioned.

Words are Powerful Mantras only if we understand their true inner meaning and the intention that they imply. Words repeated without awareness are like words that are shouted against a strong wind.

A group of people, even if heterogeneous, can create a Force Field that extinguishes fear, anxiety, confusion if its components internally share the same loyal search for truth, above their own personal ideologies. It is then when we experience what the ones who ignore the Laws call magic, and those who understand the Laws call Science.

The success of change is triggered in the moment whereby an incorrect thought becomes a correct one through a process of transformation.

Why incorrect? Because connected to laws that are falsely true.

Correct in regards to what? To a Universally true Law.

In our case:
The incorrect thought is that which identifies us with our human personality that metaphorically represents the face we show to the world. The right thinking is to become aware of having a SELF in which we correctly identify gradually transmuting our personality to its SELF.

From the moment in which we achieve the awareness of SELF within us we are willing to put the Truth first at all costs, in every thought, word and deed to achieve its Truth and inner Freedom.

Explanatory article of “Critical Mass – The Healing’s Morphogenetic Field”

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When the hurricane of Covid-19 exploded last spring in 2020 I sensed the beginning of an Epochal Change and the urgency to come up with a project:

a video with words of awareness through which many of us would have contributed in reaching the necessary number of people to achieve a Spiritually Aware Critical Mass.

The words of my channelling “Spring Equinox 2014” still echoed within me:

“GIVE YOUR CONSENT TO THE SELF And the Change will be automatically triggered.”

Through the dishonesty of Heartless men and women without a Conscience, the false source emanated, and still emanates, waves of fear and a sense of guilt, powerful seductive weapons used to vampirize the lives of fragile human beings through their tacit or explicit consent.

Evil’s strategy is always perfectly organized:

  • Untruthful information skilfully veiled, naively and blindly believed by human beings manipulated by corrupt institutions;
  • shifting the focus on the suffering for losses of loved ones;
  • fear and sense of guilt;
  • use of gentleness, beauty and false philanthropy to intentionally confuse feelings;
  • media bombardment of negative news artfully inflated with gruesome images;
  • The use of hypnotic words and music.

I was stunned and horrified at how so many people were spellbound by the falseness expressed in the whole communication field.

For the umpteenth time the lie source, with its adepts succeeded in having the victims identify themselves in the role of the guilty party of tragedy without ever suspecting corruption and the diabolic manipulation of the heads of States, religious leaders, scientists and shadow government.

The false source is aware of its needs to have the life energy of its enslaved to survive, and induces them to disown the Truth, instrument of the True Source. By any means it confuses them and induces them to lie to their inner voice, their SELF, thus preventing them from reaching it.


More than ever a multi-coloured people, undergoing an awakening, call for help through truthful and coherent information suggested by AWAKENED MINDS.

“Truth stems from time and Time re-establishes the Truth.”

A year later, in the Spring of 2021 the Truth of what is True would begin its race through the confession of the real culprits:


Initially snubbed, derided, mortified, and persecuted Truth, awaiting to be recognized and loved by a blind mass who are slaves to false values and to a false power.

However, a nasty Truth is always better than a false truth and recognizing it makes us free.

For the ones who, right from the start were free in their discernment and authorized themselves to think otherwise, The Victorious Mantra would have been:


With the awareness of these words of Truth spoken at the same time and with the same intention in the evening, in March 2020 a Metamorphic Field (RUPERT SHELDRAKE’S MORPHOGENETIC FIELDS) began to form amongst large numbers of people, whose personality was at the service of fear, underwent an inner transformation, towards the harmonious SELF, accomplice of the Love of Truth for the Good of all.

With each passing day, isolated and imprisoned, whilst outside terror reigned to the sounding of ambulance sirens, we met virtually every day, each one of us in their own Heart started to acknowledge the SELF’s voice through the evening Mantra recited together.

Those evening words, day after day, spoken at the same time, each one in their own heart, were becoming for everyone the knowing of an Inner Strength that no higher authority could have replaced.

Without many spoken explanations, we understood more and more the difference of the Self’s Level of feeling: Peaceful Steadiness, from the emotional and mental feeling: emotional instability and illogical rigidity.

Within this interior dimension the feeling of solitude diminished. In the Shared Morphogenetic Field that we were creating, we began to understand the true Essence of Real Love for the mutual and communal Good.

By the law of the Metamorphic Fields, the Miracle of transformation which took place in me was now taking place in everyone.

In June 2020, after the so called months of terror we went out again into the world without being of the World, ready to proceed in forming a subsequential Metamorphic Field of higher awareness with the new words flowing from the SELF’s plane.

The Self’s Morphogenetic Field


For many, the words of this video are already deeply felt and understood.

The new Morphogenetic Field of transmutation from the old to the new system begins once more with me through my knowledgeable experience of mutually shared love and freedom.

To achieve this second goal, the same rules of the first Critical Mass’s video also apply:

  • Understanding of the intention, shared within the whole group.
  • Reunion in the same space: the Heart.
  • At the same time, from 9.00 to 10.00 p.m. from where we live.
  • Conscientiously reciting the same words.
  • Visualizing, possibly in our mind’s eye, the realization of that which we are requesting.

Why did I choose for the time to be the same even if the time changes from nation to nation?

Because in this way a Canon is formed and the Morphogenetic Field is prompted and nourished 24 hours a day.

Initially we may feel that the Field is formed only between ourselves and our Heart. In this case we will be strengthening our contact with our SELF, sharing our Project with It.
Then… we will perceive a multitude of Light Beings coming from various Parts of the World and from other celestial stations that recite with us the same phrases.

Day by day, the Strength that will pass through us will ever increase.
Our minds will open to new connections. Further coincidences will occur, and new, ever more sincere and constructive relationships will be realized.

Joy will increase with the Certainty that Truth always wins over deception.

Day after day family ties will fade in favour of a Spiritual brotherhood going beyond Nationality, language or religions.


And now,

Listen to your Heart, and if you feel it sing, join the Group in the evening phrases.

Repeat the words out loud, in whichever language you prefer.

Open up the centre of your Heart and allow the Love that passes through you to flow.

Share your inner experience with those that share theirs with you.


in every circumstance that Life will present to you.

Expanding Critical Mass

through people known and unknown



in a rarer dimensional Space where achievement of an ever purer and reciprocally shared Love is possible.

For this reason we have created a page for data collection and the update of a map of the Earth in which a golden thread will be drawn, a Path traced by many of the awakened, through which Men and Women filled with Love and Peace can meet vibrationally to create Force Fields.

In this way it will be easy to share a communal Mission and facilitate the spreading of Prosperity bestowed on everyone from the True Source and reciprocally shared by everyone.

Expanding Critical Mass

Click here to see the map that represents the places of the world reached until now by the CRITICAL MASS’s videos and to contribute to its updating.

In any case, know that your Presence will always and still reinforce this united Force field.

The Epochal Change, that is close, will be thus induced by people that have matured the knowledge of a fitting way to love.

Love what?

Love the Truth for the Good and for Truth for themselves and for others. There is no true love if there isn’t justice, and there isn’t justice if the Truth of what is True isn’t honoured for what it is, and not for what we would like it to be.

When we pierce the illusional veil we always find ourselves at a crossroads: to recognize the truth or affirm a false truth filling our heads with excuses to justify our choice.

The urgency stressed by an ever growing number of awakened Men and Women is to live with heaven already here on this Earth.

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