Healing’s Morphogenetic Field

It’s a serious time…
An unusual silence has wrapped, within a few days, the entire planet.
An unknown virus is attacking the World’s population.
Fear is its power.
Separation and disconnection are its strategy.

What do we need to understand?
It’s time to stop thinking egoistically of our own daily lives! Let’s stop being selfish!
Capture the moment! Kairos!
Now, more than ever, it is Union that generates strength.
Even if we are in forced isolation, this global experience brings us nearer to each other.
Ethnical barriers, as well as linguistic, ideological and political ones, are collapsing.
Suffering is bringing us together, it is connecting us to a higher sense of belonging, where we’ll all find refuge, with no difference amongst each other.
This sense of belonging empowers us, awakens us.
Stop stagnating in feelings of guilt!
Stop bowing down to the myth of suffering!
Stop submitting ourselves to fear!

“It’s time to put Love and its Unconditional Power back on its throne, to experience a collective healing and an unlimited prosperity, to freely choose for the true Good, for the common Joy.”

It’s time for global awakening! We can do it!
Together we can!
Together… but, how…?
A free spirit overcomes the barriers imposed by the fear system.
A free spirit moves everywhere and from anyone, even if the physical body is in enforced isolation.
The certain awareness of the unlimited power of our Higher Self,
which each one of us has within him/herself, IS THE KEY!
This certain awareness starts to illuminate one person, who then rekindles, understands, awakens, connects himself to his Higher Self and to the true Source; then, thanks to the law of morphogenetic fields, other people reach the same level of consciousness;
soon, with ever more increasing speed, more and more arrive,

“The Critical Mass is reached
The Quantum Leap! The epochal breakthrough happens!”

Even unaware, narcotized people wake up, change direction, even though they don’t fully realize why.
A greater force involves them, wraps them in its blanket and drives them towards the same goal: the one that others have consciously conquered.

And now listen, open your heart and listen with your heart:

the goal of the Quantum Leap, of the miracles’ dimension, has its own laws to be reached.

The first one is that we all must intensely want the same things:

Health, Abundance, Joy and Love

The second one is to meet in the same place:

our Heart

at the same time:

every evening from 9pm to 10pm

with the same awareness:

Our Higher Self, the divine sparkle that each of us has in his own heart, is connected to a Cosmic Source which is self-sustaining.
It’s the Source of the greatest powers, the Source of Miracles: unconditional love for our freedom to choose good and true.

With this certain knowledge, we give our deepest trust to our Higher Self and, using the same words at the same time, we will say them aloud, in our own mother tongue.

From within our hearts we will say:


Every day, even if communications should suddenly burn out, this meeting will keep us together.

Let’s spread this message,
Let’s spread this awareness into the world,
in favour of the Quantum Leap into unconditional Love,
into shared Joy, into limitless Abundance.

What should we expect from this colossal spiritual movement, so silent and respectful?

As far as we get nearer the critical mass, until it will be completely reached, we’ll feel better and better, more positive and stronger until…

Magically, fear will cease to exist, it will dissolve!

Miraculous healings will take place!

But the most extraordinary thing will be that we’ll have the knowledge of how and why the Quantum Leap for this global and epoch-making change will have miraculously taken place.

Always together,

Maria Cristina Rosi Piras

Torna in alto